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What to do when your house gets broken into

While you may think your house won’t be broken into, WA Police report over 20,000 dwelling burglaries occurs in the Perth Metropolitan Region on average every year.

The thought of someone breaking into your home can be scary, and it can be especially terrifying if you are home when the break-in occurs!

What follows a break in can also be a blurry and emotional rollercoaster, so at JC Glass, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to act if you think your home has been broken into and how to prepare for the future.


Most thieves target homes during the day or when they know people aren’t home, allowing them to get in and get out without confrontation.

If you arrive home to a broken window, a door ajar or something amiss, take shelter at a neighbour’s house or in a car and call (08) 9344 2927.

Although your first reaction may be to go inside and check your property, it is important that you don’t put yourself or family in danger, in case the intruder is still inside. By touching the door to go inside or moving around your home, you could also compromise any evidence the intruder may have left behind.

Call the police straight away and let them inspect your home. The sooner you can report it, the sooner they can try to track down the culprit.

If you are home and hear the sound of glass smashing, stay quiet and if possible, make your way to a safe space outside of your home – this could be a neighbours house or in your locked car. From there, call the police immediately and take note of any unfamiliar cars or people in the area.


Once the police have checked through your home, they may be able to indicate how a burglar broke into your home. It might be through an obvious broken window or door, or even through an open or unlocked window or door,

If there were no obvious signs of a break in and you have a spare key that is usually left outside, check to see if it has been taken or moved.

While you are assessing the damage to your home, ensure you take photos for insurance purposes.


The most common way intruders break in is through a window. If you do find a broken window and police have gathered evidence, try to carefully clean up the glass and then give JC Glass a call for your window glass repair.

Restoring security and safety to your property is important to us, so JC Glass offer 24-hour emergency glass repair, with same day service available for break-ins.


For insurance records and police reports, you will need to take inventory of any items that were stolen during the burglary. For any electronics that are missing, you will need to note the make, model and any serial numbers.

Make sure you take photos of any damaged property in your home, including doors and windows, tables, blinds, lamps or anything that has been knocked over, moved or broken during the burglary.

Also, check on things such as notepads with passwords or pins– even if this hasn’t been taken, you should change all pins and passwords for security purposes.


Securing your home against a future break-in is important; if you have been broken into once, you are at a greater risk of being broken into again.

After one break-in, burglars know your home’s layout, whether you have a dog, alarm system or another deterrent, and they know that you more than likely have replaced the valuables stolen during the first break in. So it is time to increase and upgrade your home security measures.

An easy way to do this is to upgrade the glass used in your windows. Thin, single pane glass is very easy to break through and can be very dangerous.

Consider safety glass, especially if you have children, as safety glass doesn’t shatter into pieces when broken.


Security measures such as security screens, alarms and cameras are a great deterrent to any potential intruders, and in the case of a break-in, a security camera can also provide evidence of the intruder.

In the case that someone does break into your home, remembering the tips from our guide can help you to act quickly. If your property does suffer damaged glass during a break in, contact JC Glass to undertake emergency window repairs, 24-hours a day.

There is nothing worse than showering with a shower screen covered in a layer of grime, mildew and a week’s worth of dirt build-up. You’ll never feel clean. Compare that feeling to entering a shower where the screen sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight. Better right? Cleaning shower screens is not the worst job in the world, but it’s not much fun either. Here are some tips to help you clean your shower screen and ensure it stays cleaner for longer.


Keeping your shower screen clean with regular maintenance is often easier than waiting for the build up to accumulate and then clean it. You know, when it appears to have changed colours altogether. First up, buy yourself a squeegee, and make sure to wipe down your shower screen after each shower. This will prevent, or at least slow down, the build-up of grime and soap, and make your shower screen far easier to clean when you finally get to it.


It’s not rocket science people. Buy some Handy Andy, or other similar products, apply it all over the screen until it’s covered, and then wipe off gently with a wet cloth. Oh, and read the instructions on the container, they always provide helpful hints for cleaning a shower screen. Once done, wipe off the excess water with a squeegee and your shower is as good as new, almost.


Laundry powder makes a great shower screen cleaner. Make a paste with whatever laundry detergent you use by mixing it with water. Apply it to your screen with a soft cloth and wipe gently while you do so. The paste will be fairly abrasive, so be gentle, this way you will cut through the grime without damaging your screen.


Using a squeegee after the shower will prevent water marks after drying, and good products will clean the grime, but how you do you get that screen to sparkle? White vinegar, that’s how. Yes, you will be amazed at how many household products can be used in the cleaning department.

Mix up some vinegar with an equal amount of water, it’s best to put this mixture into a spray bottle for easy application and apply to your entire shower screen. Wipe down with a dry cloth and watch your shower screen come to life. Vinegar can also be used on your windows, and for a host of other household activities.


Baking soda is another very useful product with pretty amazing cleaning abilities. Wet your screen and wipe down with a cloth with bicarb on it. Wash down with a wet cloth soaked in warm water.

One of the best solutions to keeping your shower screen clean is to wash it regularly, preventing the dirt and grime build up from getting separation anxiety and becoming a permanent part of the screen

A clean, sparkly screen will make your entire bathroom light up, and seem more spacious and light. It also makes showering more pleasurable.

If you are looking for glass shower screens, repairs or replacement services, contact your local glass specialists.

Over time, traditional shower screens often start to look a little old, worn and misty. Grime and scum builds up, staying put no matter how hard you try to scrub. That’s where frameless shower screens come in. Cut from quality WA glass, JC Glass’ frameless shower screens transform the appearance of your bathroom. Modern, sleek and simple to clean, add a frameless shower screen to your next renovation or new build.

At JC Glass, we specialise in fitting a variety of frameless shower screens across Perth. We exclusively use WA made and manufactured materials, including sturdy toughened glass, in all bathrooms we work on. With custom precision glass cutting, you can be sure that your new shower screen suits your bathroom perfectly.


Get rid of old and dated shower screens and instantly refresh your bathroom. Frameless glass shower screens provide an affordable and simple way to completely transform the look of any bathroom.

Appearing as a single pane of floor-to-ceiling glass separating your shower from your bathroom – almost like magic – frameless shower screens offer an effortless transition. Our glass shower screens allow light and air to flow through your bathroom, creating a bright atmosphere that opens up your space. Whether for a compact bedroom ensuite or a spacious central bathroom, our frameless glass showers suit any space.


We construct our frameless glass shower screens with premium WA toughened glass. Specially treated and refined for extra strength, our toughened glass removes the need for a supporting frame. Our toughened glass is safer for families, kids and pets, minimising the risk of harmful shards and dangerous pieces if broken.

As a single sleek and seamless glass shower screen, cleaning becomes so much easier. Simply just use a squeegee and minimal cleaning solutions to restore a clear and perfect shower screen. Discover our top tips for cleaning your frameless shower screen here.


Another simple way to transform your bathroom is to replace the fittings and hardware. Simple, easy to DIY and extremely cost effective, replacing taps, faucets, knobs and railings can completely rejuvenate and enhance the atmosphere of your bathroom. This season’s favourites are chrome and matte black finishes.

Our professional team have worked on countless residential bathrooms, giving us an insight into what works best for different styles, colour schemes and functions. We’re able to give you ideas on additional renovations and simple DIYs to transform your space.


If you’re working on a home renovation or starting on a new home build, be sure to equip your bathroom with modern essentials. With simple cleaning and a streamlined appearance, frameless shower screens are a must-have in any home.

At JC Glass, our qualified professionals specialise in the design, supply, and installation of premium frameless shower screens. Providing WA made and manufactured materials, we offer an affordable and innovative solution to updating and transforming the look of your bathroom.

Contact our Perth professionals to learn more about our frameless glass shower screen solutions.

At JC Glass, we know that broken or shattered glass never comes at a good time. From stray balls puncturing holes in your kitchen windows to an attempted break-in at your store, broken or shattered glass is always dangerous. But it’s not just windows that can break; shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors can also shatter with force or impact.

Working with residential and commercial clients across Perth, our professionals provide fast and reliable 24/7 emergency glass repair and glass replacement services. Our main priority is restoring safety, security and function, so we come fully equipped to take the stress and danger out of broken glass.


If you’ve just discovered broken or shattered glass, it’s important to act fast to prevent any further damage or danger to yourself and the people around you. The first step is to secure the area by limiting access or putting up signage. Then, it’s time to call the professionals.

The JC Glass team responds to 24/7 call outs across the Perth region, offering fast and effective emergency glass replacement services. Unlike glass repairs, emergency glass replacements involve removing and replacing the entire pane of glass with a fresh, sturdy and secure piece. Often quicker and easier than glass repairs, emergency glass replacement help you to restore safety and security fast.


When we respond to emergency glass repair and replacement call outs, we think ahead to offer proactive solutions. Our professionals may recommend replacing large windows or glass doors with safety or toughened glass. Particularly practical for busy businesses and households with kids, safety or toughened glass provides a modern, secure and safe alternative to traditional single pane glass.

While traditional glass breaks into pieces – allowing intruders to access your home instantly – our safety glass stays as one single sheet to deter threats for as long as possible.


Single pane glass offers minimal insulation, bringing in the cold winter or hot summer air into your home. With toughened glass and specialised glazing, you add insulation to your home thanks to the thickness, density and quality of the glass. This results in less energy consumption, lower energy bills and more stable temperatures in your space year-round.


Window glass repairs and replacements are a great opportunity to reassess your current glass. By upgrading to modern, toughened and energy efficient glass, you can replace old windows and frames with contemporary styles that add value to your home.

Our toughened glass is also ideal for transforming your bathroom, from adding high quality new mirrors to a modern and contemporary shower wall.

Invite more natural light into your home with our range of secure, safe and durable glass options.


Need residential or commercial emergency glass repairs or replacements fast? Contact JC Glass now on (08) 9344 2927.

For the supply and installation of bespoke windowsshower screenssplashbacks and mirrors, chat with our team to get started on your project.

Your front door is a gateway to your home or business, the first impression to your visitors and one of the first lines of defense against intruders, which makes choosing a front door that ticks all the boxes incredibly difficult!

glass front door is just one of many options available, but it makes for an extremely versatile choice.


Your entry door can be completely unique to your home – just like you. From all-glass doors to a solid timber door with glass side panels or French doors with beautifully crafted glass panels, there is a door type to suit everyone’s needs.


Glass sliding doors a popular frontage for businesses that have automatic sliding doors and are popular for backyards and internal doors – but they can also make for stylish front doors.

Glass doors can offer panoramic views of your front yard and maximise natural sunlight. To increase the privacy of your home, you can opt for frosted or double glazed glass.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight flowing into your home while maintaining privacy, a frosted glass door is an ideal choice.

Whether you want a crafted French door or a more modern entry door with a sleek frame, frosted glass can be added to any door type to increase privacy,




A big fear that comes with most glass products is the safety, with questions usually centred on whether the glass is strong enough and whether is it enough to keep intruders out.

Homeowners can opt for shatterproof safety glass that is double or triple glazed for security & privacy.


If you would rather use a hardwood door for your entry door, that is fine – you can still incorporate stunning glass pieces in your side panels!

There are a number of ways you can give your entryway a touch of class with glass; think of beautiful stained glass pieces that are typical of your older character homes or even more modern side panels using frosted glass.

These glass side panels are another way to give your home an abundance of natural light without compromising your privacy or security.


Homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an entry door, and there is a large variety of solid entry doors with strikingly crafted glass panels that any homeowner can choose from.

From wide solid timber doors with horizontal glass panels running the length of the door to a more sleek designed entry door with a single glass panel reaching vertically down the door, you’ll be trying to cut down your wishlist for weeks!


French doors are a timeless entry door option, filling a wider opening than a single door and giving your entry space a touch of elegance.

These doors can be customised to suit any sized opening, with materials such as timber providing a solid frame for your glass panes.

At JC Glass, our team provides supply and installation services for French doors, glass sliding doors, hinged doors, bi-fold doors and many more.

Contact JC Glass today for all your glass supply, installation, and repair needs across Perth!

As trusted glaziers and local experts in residential and commercial glass installation and repair, we might be a little bias about the benefits of using glass in your home.

But it is hard to ignore the benefits of this versatile, sleek material, which can transform any area of your home, from your window glass to your kitchen splashback!



Tiled splashbacks with grout can hold grease and grime, making them harder to clean and unhygienic! Grout can also wear down over time, creating more nooks for germs to hide and need for maintenance.

With a glass splashback there are no grout lines, as the splashback can be installed in one piece, giving it a seamless finish which makes it simple to clean.


While the initial outlay may be a little more expensive, glass splashbacks are a more durable choice for your kitchen in the long run, as they do not need to be re-tiled or re-grouted.


As your splashback generally sits behind a cooktop, you want it to protect your walls from any potential spills, stains and splashes, with the added knowledge that it will resist the heat from your cooktop.

Using the toughened glass on your splashback means that the glass can heat up to high temperatures without causing damage. If you’re clumsy, it also means that knocking a pot into it won’t shatter your splashback.


Finding that perfect tile for your kitchen splashback can be a hard task – do you find a tile that complements the rest of your kitchen or contrasts it? What style, shape and colour of the tile will look the best? Will they fit around your awkwardly-shaped walls?

Unlike stone or tiled splashbacks, which are somewhat limited in their ranges of sizes, colours and styles, glass splashbacks offer almost unlimited colour and style options; which means you can be picky about colours, designs and sizes.

Glass splashbacks are custom-made for your kitchen to ensure a snug fit around your cupboards and fixtures.


Glass can be coloured in any colour – even metallic silver to match your stainless steel fridge or dishwasher!

If you want to colour match a wall colour or any other aspect of your home, you can provide us with a paint code or look through a colour chart to find the shade you need.


For those feeling a little more adventurous, you can also have an image digitally printed on the back of the glass splashback.

From your favourite coastal landscape to stunning patterned design, glass splashbacks allow you to step outside your comfort zone and install something that eye-catching and truly unique.


Using a glass splashback will make your kitchen seem brighter during the day without using additional artificial light, as the glass reflects the light and reduces shadows.

At night-time, your kitchen lights will bounce off your splashback, brightening the space and allowing you to cook up a restaurant-ready meal.


If you’re a fan of using natural light to enhance the look and size of your kitchen, mirrored glass might be the perfect glass for your splashback.

Mirrored glass can make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting by making the most of your natural light. The seamless appearance of a glass splashback, teamed with the natural light that bounces off, will make your kitchen appear more spacious.


When it comes to choosing a glass type for your kitchen glass splashback, there are two types: Clear Float and Starphire.

The clear float has a noticeable blue-green hue, so any colour that is added below the glass will have that tinge as well. This is particularly important for any light colours, as they may look noticeably different from the hue of the glass.

Starphire allows you to have a more true-to-colour version, as the glass is treated to remove the blue-green hue.


Even with a range of benefits, there is one disadvantage to a glass splashback.


You will need the team at JC Glass to fit your sleek new glass splashback. The installation process is intricate and involves scoping out your kitchen, measuring the space and then fitting your new splashback.

Is it time to give your kitchen a makeover with a glass splashback?

With 24-hour glass repair, a wealth of knowledge about glass installation and a friendly, professional team, JC Glass is the name to trust for all your glass splashback queries, designs and installations.

Contact JC Glass today to find out just how easy it is to install striking glass features in your home.

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