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Choosing A Glass Front Door

Your front door is a gateway to your home or business, the first impression to your visitors and one of the first lines of defense against intruders, which makes choosing a front door that ticks all the boxes incredibly difficult!

glass front door is just one of many options available, but it makes for an extremely versatile choice.


Your entry door can be completely unique to your home – just like you. From all-glass doors to a solid timber door with glass side panels or French doors with beautifully crafted glass panels, there is a door type to suit everyone’s needs.


Glass sliding doors a popular frontage for businesses that have automatic sliding doors and are popular for backyards and internal doors – but they can also make for stylish front doors.

Glass doors can offer panoramic views of your front yard and maximise natural sunlight. To increase the privacy of your home, you can opt for frosted or double glazed glass.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight flowing into your home while maintaining privacy, a frosted glass door is an ideal choice.

Whether you want a crafted French door or a more modern entry door with a sleek frame, frosted glass can be added to any door type to increase privacy,




A big fear that comes with most glass products is the safety, with questions usually centred on whether the glass is strong enough and whether is it enough to keep intruders out.

Homeowners can opt for shatterproof safety glass that is double or triple glazed for security & privacy.


If you would rather use a hardwood door for your entry door, that is fine – you can still incorporate stunning glass pieces in your side panels!

There are a number of ways you can give your entryway a touch of class with glass; think of beautiful stained glass pieces that are typical of your older character homes or even more modern side panels using frosted glass.

These glass side panels are another way to give your home an abundance of natural light without compromising your privacy or security.


Homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an entry door, and there is a large variety of solid entry doors with strikingly crafted glass panels that any homeowner can choose from.

From wide solid timber doors with horizontal glass panels running the length of the door to a more sleek designed entry door with a single glass panel reaching vertically down the door, you’ll be trying to cut down your wishlist for weeks!


French doors are a timeless entry door option, filling a wider opening than a single door and giving your entry space a touch of elegance.

These doors can be customised to suit any sized opening, with materials such as timber providing a solid frame for your glass panes.

At JC Glass, our team provides supply and installation services for French doors, glass sliding doors, hinged doors, bi-fold doors and many more.

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