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How to clean your shower screens

There is nothing worse than showering with a shower screen covered in a layer of grime, mildew and a week’s worth of dirt build-up. You’ll never feel clean. Compare that feeling to entering a shower where the screen sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight. Better right? Cleaning shower screens is not the worst job in the world, but it’s not much fun either. Here are some tips to help you clean your shower screen and ensure it stays cleaner for longer.


Keeping your shower screen clean with regular maintenance is often easier than waiting for the build up to accumulate and then clean it. You know, when it appears to have changed colours altogether. First up, buy yourself a squeegee, and make sure to wipe down your shower screen after each shower. This will prevent, or at least slow down, the build-up of grime and soap, and make your shower screen far easier to clean when you finally get to it.


It’s not rocket science people. Buy some Handy Andy, or other similar products, apply it all over the screen until it’s covered, and then wipe off gently with a wet cloth. Oh, and read the instructions on the container, they always provide helpful hints for cleaning a shower screen. Once done, wipe off the excess water with a squeegee and your shower is as good as new, almost.


Laundry powder makes a great shower screen cleaner. Make a paste with whatever laundry detergent you use by mixing it with water. Apply it to your screen with a soft cloth and wipe gently while you do so. The paste will be fairly abrasive, so be gentle, this way you will cut through the grime without damaging your screen.


Using a squeegee after the shower will prevent water marks after drying, and good products will clean the grime, but how you do you get that screen to sparkle? White vinegar, that’s how. Yes, you will be amazed at how many household products can be used in the cleaning department.

Mix up some vinegar with an equal amount of water, it’s best to put this mixture into a spray bottle for easy application and apply to your entire shower screen. Wipe down with a dry cloth and watch your shower screen come to life. Vinegar can also be used on your windows, and for a host of other household activities.


Baking soda is another very useful product with pretty amazing cleaning abilities. Wet your screen and wipe down with a cloth with bicarb on it. Wash down with a wet cloth soaked in warm water.

One of the best solutions to keeping your shower screen clean is to wash it regularly, preventing the dirt and grime build up from getting separation anxiety and becoming a permanent part of the screen

A clean, sparkly screen will make your entire bathroom light up, and seem more spacious and light. It also makes showering more pleasurable.

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