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Are you working on a new home build or are you looking to renovate and revitalise your space? Chat with the Perth professionals at JC Glass for expert advice on quality glass splashbacks.

Ideal for brightening and opening up residential and commercial spaces, JC Glass specialises in the supply and installation of durable, heat and scratch proof glass splashbacks. Made to measure from thick glass and painted custom to your specifications, we use locally manufactured glass and products for maximum quality.

Get started on your made to measure splashback with help from the experts at JC Glass.


Glass splashbacks are fast becoming a necessity for modern and functional homes across Perth. Versatile, low maintenance, hygienic and ideal for a number of spaces, you’ll find our splashbacks in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries across WA.

Open up your kitchen or brighten up your kitchen vanity area with our range of glass splashbacks installed by our qualified and experienced tradespeople.

Made from premium WA manufactured glass and products, we’re confident in the quality and durability of our splashbacks. With minimal imports and a shorter journey from wholesale to consumer, we’re able to monitor quality control processes and ensure that your glass splashback meets our strict high standards.

When you choose JC Glass, you’re supporting fellow WA professionals in creating high quality splashbacks that provide you with long-term functionality and style.


Partnering with trusted WA glass manufacturers, we supply two main types of glass for our splashbacks.

Our Standard Glass comes with a slight green tinge but can be painted over. We supply and paint glass splashbacks a range of colours, including dark colours that completely cover the tinge. Although the green tinge is still slightly visible with lighter coloured paint, it’s barely noticeable and works well once installed in any space.

Our Ultra Clear glass has absolutely no tinge and is ideal for spaces where you require an exact colour.

With all splashbacks, we measure, cut and professionally paint them before installation in your home. You can choose from any colour, allowing you to completely customise your splashback to suit your aesthetics. With a huge range on our showroom floor, you can browse final colours in person before ordering. If you’re in need of a specific colour match, we’ve got you covered too.

When it comes to painting splashbacks, accuracy and skill is essential. Glass needs to be specially painted to avoid cracks, and our painters utilise special sealants and processes to paint your glass perfectly.


JC Glass is Perth’s go-to team for high quality glass splashbacks. With over 30 years of experience, we’re trusted when it comes to consistency and reliability. Specialising in made to measure pieces, we source locally manufactured glass and aluminium products to create splashbacks that suit your space.

Perfectly created, painted and installed by our qualified team, you can count on the quality and longevity of your splashback.

Got any questions or interested in a quote? Contact the friendly team at JC Glass in Perth today or call us on (08) 9344 2927.

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