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What to do when your house gets broken into

What to do when your house gets broken into

While you may think your house won’t be broken into, WA Police report over 20,000 dwelling burglaries occurs in the Perth Metropolitan Region on average every year.

The thought of someone breaking into your home can be scary, and it can be especially terrifying if you are home when the break-in occurs!

What follows a break in can also be a blurry and emotional rollercoaster, so at JC Glass, we’ve put together some helpful tips on how to act if you think your home has been broken into and how to prepare for the future.


Most thieves target homes during the day or when they know people aren’t home, allowing them to get in and get out without confrontation.

If you arrive home to a broken window, a door ajar or something amiss, take shelter at a neighbour’s house or in a car and call (08) 9344 2927.

Although your first reaction may be to go inside and check your property, it is important that you don’t put yourself or family in danger, in case the intruder is still inside. By touching the door to go inside or moving around your home, you could also compromise any evidence the intruder may have left behind.

Call the police straight away and let them inspect your home. The sooner you can report it, the sooner they can try to track down the culprit.

If you are home and hear the sound of glass smashing, stay quiet and if possible, make your way to a safe space outside of your home – this could be a neighbours house or in your locked car. From there, call the police immediately and take note of any unfamiliar cars or people in the area.


Once the police have checked through your home, they may be able to indicate how a burglar broke into your home. It might be through an obvious broken window or door, or even through an open or unlocked window or door,

If there were no obvious signs of a break in and you have a spare key that is usually left outside, check to see if it has been taken or moved.

While you are assessing the damage to your home, ensure you take photos for insurance purposes.


The most common way intruders break in is through a window. If you do find a broken window and police have gathered evidence, try to carefully clean up the glass and then give JC Glass a call for your window glass repair.

Restoring security and safety to your property is important to us, so JC Glass offer 24-hour emergency glass repair, with same day service available for break-ins.


For insurance records and police reports, you will need to take inventory of any items that were stolen during the burglary. For any electronics that are missing, you will need to note the make, model and any serial numbers.

Make sure you take photos of any damaged property in your home, including doors and windows, tables, blinds, lamps or anything that has been knocked over, moved or broken during the burglary.

Also, check on things such as notepads with passwords or pins– even if this hasn’t been taken, you should change all pins and passwords for security purposes.


Securing your home against a future break-in is important; if you have been broken into once, you are at a greater risk of being broken into again.

After one break-in, burglars know your home’s layout, whether you have a dog, alarm system or another deterrent, and they know that you more than likely have replaced the valuables stolen during the first break in. So it is time to increase and upgrade your home security measures.

An easy way to do this is to upgrade the glass used in your windows. Thin, single pane glass is very easy to break through and can be very dangerous.

Consider safety glass, especially if you have children, as safety glass doesn’t shatter into pieces when broken.


Security measures such as security screens, alarms and cameras are a great deterrent to any potential intruders, and in the case of a break-in, a security camera can also provide evidence of the intruder.

In the case that someone does break into your home, remembering the tips from our guide can help you to act quickly. If your property does suffer damaged glass during a break in, contact JC Glass to undertake emergency window repairs, 24-hours a day.

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