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Why A Glass Splashback Is The Best Choice For Your Kitchen

As trusted glaziers and local experts in residential and commercial glass installation and repair, we might be a little bias about the benefits of using glass in your home.

But it is hard to ignore the benefits of this versatile, sleek material, which can transform any area of your home, from your window glass to your kitchen splashback!



Tiled splashbacks with grout can hold grease and grime, making them harder to clean and unhygienic! Grout can also wear down over time, creating more nooks for germs to hide and need for maintenance.

With a glass splashback there are no grout lines, as the splashback can be installed in one piece, giving it a seamless finish which makes it simple to clean.


While the initial outlay may be a little more expensive, glass splashbacks are a more durable choice for your kitchen in the long run, as they do not need to be re-tiled or re-grouted.


As your splashback generally sits behind a cooktop, you want it to protect your walls from any potential spills, stains and splashes, with the added knowledge that it will resist the heat from your cooktop.

Using the toughened glass on your splashback means that the glass can heat up to high temperatures without causing damage. If you’re clumsy, it also means that knocking a pot into it won’t shatter your splashback.


Finding that perfect tile for your kitchen splashback can be a hard task – do you find a tile that complements the rest of your kitchen or contrasts it? What style, shape and colour of the tile will look the best? Will they fit around your awkwardly-shaped walls?

Unlike stone or tiled splashbacks, which are somewhat limited in their ranges of sizes, colours and styles, glass splashbacks offer almost unlimited colour and style options; which means you can be picky about colours, designs and sizes.

Glass splashbacks are custom-made for your kitchen to ensure a snug fit around your cupboards and fixtures.


Glass can be coloured in any colour – even metallic silver to match your stainless steel fridge or dishwasher!

If you want to colour match a wall colour or any other aspect of your home, you can provide us with a paint code or look through a colour chart to find the shade you need.


For those feeling a little more adventurous, you can also have an image digitally printed on the back of the glass splashback.

From your favourite coastal landscape to stunning patterned design, glass splashbacks allow you to step outside your comfort zone and install something that eye-catching and truly unique.


Using a glass splashback will make your kitchen seem brighter during the day without using additional artificial light, as the glass reflects the light and reduces shadows.

At night-time, your kitchen lights will bounce off your splashback, brightening the space and allowing you to cook up a restaurant-ready meal.


If you’re a fan of using natural light to enhance the look and size of your kitchen, mirrored glass might be the perfect glass for your splashback.

Mirrored glass can make your kitchen appear larger and more inviting by making the most of your natural light. The seamless appearance of a glass splashback, teamed with the natural light that bounces off, will make your kitchen appear more spacious.


When it comes to choosing a glass type for your kitchen glass splashback, there are two types: Clear Float and Starphire.

The clear float has a noticeable blue-green hue, so any colour that is added below the glass will have that tinge as well. This is particularly important for any light colours, as they may look noticeably different from the hue of the glass.

Starphire allows you to have a more true-to-colour version, as the glass is treated to remove the blue-green hue.


Even with a range of benefits, there is one disadvantage to a glass splashback.


You will need the team at JC Glass to fit your sleek new glass splashback. The installation process is intricate and involves scoping out your kitchen, measuring the space and then fitting your new splashback.

Is it time to give your kitchen a makeover with a glass splashback?

With 24-hour glass repair, a wealth of knowledge about glass installation and a friendly, professional team, JC Glass is the name to trust for all your glass splashback queries, designs and installations.

Contact JC Glass today to find out just how easy it is to install striking glass features in your home.

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